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Vision Statement.

Delivering Beyond Customer Belief.


About RCS Reliable.

RCS Reliable is going to be recognized as respected, professional, innovative, profitable and knowledge based logistics/services enterprise who continually strive to achieve excellence. It is developed business model by understanding and realizing the customer’s interests based upon technologies into its internal business operations to enhance profit growth levels. Over the years RCS has been achieved the milestones by delivering services and set benchmarks to improve the overall quality and standards in the courier industry. The RCS People will however be encouraged to be open to unconventional ideas and services and recognize new trends at very early stages. Where as core values are concerned to enable people to do their tasks passionately, authorize people, provide stress less and fearless work environment, be humble and respectful to customers. RCS Holdings is the parent concern for all of the subsidiary/holding companies.Each subsidiary has its own governance structure and function under the guidance/direction of the Holdings management. The epitome of our all efforts is the Delivery of Services to You through our front line staff namely: Courier, express center staff, 24/7 call center, sales team


Secure website.

RCS is a complete secure website which keeps the customer record, his/ her personal information. Tracking record, shipment detail, transactions and other login detail purely confidential. A complete security is provided to the customers so that they can stay on our web pages for a longer period of time. Information obtained from customers and all other data remain confidential and secure as it passes from browser to the website server.


Surprise delivery.

RCS has a unique quality that offers surprise delivery to your loved one within no time.Today in globalized world relatives, family and friends are living in different areas of the world. RCS provide easy, quick and surprised delivery of your shipment within few days no matter how far they are living.

If you want to surprise your special relation with a surprised gift pack, RCS will help you out a lot. Our international RCS express services you can deliver your surprised gift to anyone, anywhere you want. When you want to surprised your love one with a birthday present, Don’t be panic, RCS is there to provide your gift to anywhere even in remote areas.

Live Support.

RCS is trying to deliver all parcel with full security and on-time. Sometime due to road closure or due to planned arrangements, weather conditions or system blackouts and unexpected incidents disturb our services. Whenever we find    any potential interruption we keep on updating you by different means of communication.

RCS has a variety of sources to support our customers and get in touch with them. You can send us an email about your parcel information, you can chat us for any query related to your shipment, we will contact you within no time. You can join us on social media by liking our face book page.

Job Opportunity.

RCS is globally recognized industry, therefore our aim is to provide job opportunities to unemployed people, come and join the venture motivate your career into never-before conquered horizons, a company that evaluate its people are its most precious asset. RCS welcomes applications from self-oriented, ambitious, hard-working individuals from any part of the world, with or without experience. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply, as RCS believes in fostering young potential and creating an attractive work environment where they can flourish as the company grow.